John m Webb
...made his feature directorial debut on the Langley Productions independent film, Vampire Clan.  The true-crime/horror film follows the infamous case of a group of disturbed teens in 1996 who, believing they were actual vampires, killed a girl’s parents in Florida to drink their blood. The film, which premiered to a sold out screening in LA’s Dances With Films Festival and went on to screen at a dozen film festivals—including AFI-Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, and Screamfest LA--, is currently available at your local Blockbuster and Netflix through Lion’s Gate Home Entertainment and internationally through NuImage.

Mr. Webb burst onto the filmmaking scene with the award-winning short film GoiterBoy.  A dark comedy about a high school wrestler with a grapefruit-sized goiter, the short film won First Place at the prestigious college Emmy Award given by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  In addition to winning a dozen awards and screening at over fifty film festivals worldwide, GoiterBoy also screened at the Cannes Film Festival as part of Kodak’s Emerging Filmmakers Program.

Mr. Webb followed this success with the sale of his first feature-length screenplay. “Fake I.D.”—a teenaged, mistaken-identity comedy about a ring of high school kids making fake driver’s licenses gone amok—was purchased by MTV Films with Mr. Webb attached to direct. 

Mr. Webb’s comedy short, Breakdown, played on the Independent Film Channel, and most recently, his web comedy short TMI, Inc. won IFC Media Lab’s Absolut Filmmaker’s Challenge and screened at the prestigious AFI Film Festival. Mr. Webb also co-wrote and produced the internet dating spoof Herb Zipper’s How to Be a Cyber-Lovah, which was featured in Entertainment Weekly and is currently being developed into a feature.

Mr. Webb attended the Sundance Film Festival as co-producer on the official competition short film, ‘99 Scents.’ And his original screenplay, Sniper’s Alley, was a finalist at the Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab. 

Mr. Webb’s commercial work, including national spots for DirecTV and Suncoast Bedding, include the spot “L.A. Recycler”, which was judged FINALIST at the Toronto Online Film Festival.

Mr. Webb was later tapped to write and direct the children’s film series “Bobbe Bling, Hip-Hop Superhero!” with producer/co-star Queen Latifah, producer Lauren Lloyd (Cellular) and rising child star Bobbe J. Thompson (Role Models). His spec script for NBC’s ‘Friday Night Lights’ was voted Semi-Finalist in the prestigious Scriptapalooza writing contest.

Recently, his web series ‘Cooking With Werner’ was a finalist in the New York Television Festival as well as the NexTV web series competition.

Mr. Webb’s work has been hailed in publications such as the Hollywood Reporter, Detour Magazine, and even the Wall Street Journal.  Renown film critic Charles Champlain has referred to ‘GoiterBoy’ as “a truly remarkable film”.

PHOTO: Vampire Clan director John Webb choreographs a murder scene with Mimi Craven and Drew Fuller.